Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber GmbH
ISO 9001: 2015
Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber GmbH was founded in Herxheim in the area of Karlsruhe in 1978. Today we are one of the leading companies in this branch with a 30 years experience and compentence. We are equipped with most modern production locations and we create and work out with more than 300 employees millions of product units according to our quality system and ISO 9001: 2015 certification year by year.

Our competencies in the areas technics, organisation and logistics, as well as our many production facilities put us in the position to handle all order quantities flexible and efficient.



Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber GmbH is sold by the company founder. Frank Berger starts the business as new owner and company manager. He adds to the current business portfolio the areas packaging development and wholesale trade for packaging material.
1978 foundation of the company under responsibility of Robert Weber. The portfolio focus enclosed development and manufacturing systems engineering of blister machines, mass production and production of blister packs as well as vacuum forming parts.
1985 enhancement of the business (head count) and investment in a new production building “Am Kleinwald 7”
Building and opening of a new production hall and warehouse with a floorspace of about 1000m² containing up to 400 pallet places, just across the street of the headquarter.
Investment in one more warehouse and total refurbishment of these. The floorspace offers 800 m² and storage capacity for 650 pallets. Acquisition and refurbishment of another production hall with a floorspace of about 1200 m², located in the industial neighbourhood „Am Gäxwald“ in Herxheim. Further purchase and reconstruction of a production location in the industrial area „ Am Kleinwald“ in Herxheim. The lot adds 8500m² ground at all – 3200 m² floorspace.
Building of an additional modern production hall and warehouse with 3000m² floorspace. Acquisition an rearrangement of a combined production- and office building with 600m², located next door in the industrial zone "Am Kleinwald".

2016 the new headquater is ready with new offices and social rooms, a warehouse for 1.500 paletts and a huge production hall-which is most suitable for sensitive products like personal care articles etc.. 2018 we enhance this site by 800 palett places in a new warehouse next door, which is connected and offers also an extra area for dangerous goods. Nearby the motorway A65, we start our work in the industrial zone West II in Herxheim, in Juli 2017. Administration department and social rooms are located on 500m² space; here we pack and store products on 8.800m² - at this stage mainly articles for the automotive industry (also dangerous goods).